Learn How to Model and Print in 45’

Specific Goals

This workshop enables trainees to acquire the competencies and skills to create models in 3D (basic/entry level) using the basic tools of Tinkercad.


People that need to obtain the knowledge and skills to model in a very simple CAD. Teachers that are beginners in modeling and had no knowledge in more advanced 3D modeling tools. Students of basic school or also beginners in 3D modeling.

Platform to be used


General Goals

Tinkercad is a software that allows 3D modeling, in an easy and intuitive way, through the use of an extensive repository of free models.

This Workshop is intended for enabling any person that has no previous knowledge in 3D modeling to learn and feel at ease with basic/entry level tools.


User knowledge of the computer operating system. Computer. Access to the internet. External mouse makes it easier.


45’ – basic features

Pedagogical Methodologies:

  • Introduction to the software;
  • Quizzes to help to follow the learning curve;
  • Chalengies for hands-on exercises;


  • Interface and model creation
    • Introduction to Tinkercad and feature concepts
    • Tinkercad’s interface: menus, commands, short-cuts
    • View control commands
    • How to create 3 dimensional formats
    • Change formats commands
  • Model visualization
  • Export and Printing commands

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